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to the last place you need to make your dream aquarium come true!


Nomad Aquatic Solutions is dedicated to make your aquarium experience as carefree and enjoyable as possible. Whether you have an existing tank. Or you're dreaming of owning a tank.

Aquarium Maintenance

      Every tank is unique and requires its own individual special care and service. We treat each aquarium like they are our personal tanks and the living creatures like they are our beloved pets. Because of that we can not place a blanket price for service. Contact us for your custom tank care package.

Aquarium Livestock and Equipment Transport

   We at nomad understand the stress of moving... We are here to ease your mind about your aquarium investment. We take special care in transporting and setting up your pets under water home to their new location.

New Tank Install and Setup

       Congratulations! You're now ready for your very own personal aquarium!

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Fort Myers
St. Pete
and surrounding areas

239 - 677 - 6917

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